Successful intl. Judge seminar in Bangkok

bangkoktraining1The idea behind this Seminar was to standardize EMMA judging procedures in Asia so that all judges will be equalized on the same judging level all over the continent. Furthermore a Group of English speaking judges shall be formed to Support the local activities abroad their own Nation. This program was planned and agreed during last year’s EMMA Asia Affiliates meeting in Foshan China on 4 November 2013.


As a result there have been 33 participants from 8 countries on 6-7 April 2014 attending this seminar. Coming from Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and even the first time from India. The 2 days of seminar was divided in one day of theory in a classroom and the second day was practical training with 5 cars from several teams and categories in Thailand.

Everybody was bonded to each other during Graduation Dinner on 7 April 2014 at Dream Hotel Bangkok. Also here a great Spirit within the participants was to feel and the EMMA Network increased again.

This seminar was sponsored by Tchernov Cable.

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